Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Scarlet Pearl Cruise

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Embark on the ultimate journey of luxury and stunning beauty with us at Scarlet Pearl- 05 Star Cruise Ship with International Standard, Launching from 12th Aug 2019 officially- a unique cruise that demonstrates passion for sustainable travel and the protection of amazing Halong Bay’s local traditions and environment. This rare combination provides a truly special opportunity, allowing you to enjoy the incredible surroundings of Halong Bay in total luxury while also respecting the local culture and helping to protect the environment.
Our ‘Scarlet Pearl’ name is a perfect embodiment of the experience that you can expect from this exceptional cruise. Firstly, it shows the connection that we share with the local community - Halong Bay is famous for its traditional pearl farming industry, and we at Scarlet Pearl maintain a deep commitment to promoting and sustaining the local area responsibly. Secondly, the color of scarlet reflects the feelings of joy, luxury, and passion that you are sure to delight in during your time with the Scarlet Pearl cruise.


  • Gym & Jacuzzi
  • Luxury Sharing bus with DCar 7 seats - New Highway road
  • Tahiti Restaurant 300m2
  • Bistro Bar
  • Thai’s Spa- Akoya Spa
  • Smartphone Control in all rooms
  • Philippines Cruise Manager 
  • Luxury CATAMARAN boat for 03 days program, (transfer boat on 2nd day)
  • 02 room for tour guide with full amennities.
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    3 days and 2 nights is the perfect time to truly enjoy Lan Ha Bay’s beauty, with opportunity to visit Cat Ba island’s most famous landmarks or a full-day Catamaran exploration!

    • TOUR LINE "Destination - oneId: #801" - "Destination - oneId: #115" - "Destination - oneId: #177" + more - "Destination - oneId: #930" - "Destination - oneId: #933" - "Destination - oneId: #858" - "Destination - oneId: #801"
    • DURATION 3 days 2 nights
    • START/END IN "Destination - oneId: #801" / "Destination - oneId: #801"
    • TRAVEL TYPE Cruise tour


    3 days

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